Wyoming Boring Contractors utilizes the equipment we deem best for each of our directional drilling and auger boring projects.

While we are familiar with most equipment manufacturers ranging from Terra, Zoomlion, TRACTO-TECHNIK, Ditch Witch, Huayuan, Goodeng Machine, Prime Drilling, Lianyungang Huanghai, Herrenknecht, CHTC JOVE, Drillto, Vermeer, XCMG, DW/TXS, Dilong and Toro, we prefer using the following four most often.

Wyoming Boring Contractors Manufacturers | Ditch Witch

Wyoming Boring Contractors Manufacturers | Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch is an American manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of underground construction equipment. The company is a source for trenchers, vibratory plows, horizontal directional drilling systems, drill pipe, downhole tools, vacuum excavation systems, fluid management systems, and mini skid steers.

Innovation of Ditch Witch machines began in the 1940s when a compact trenching machine was created to replace the pick and shovel for installation of underground residential utility services.

Directional Bore Machines

Ditch Witch directional bore machines are rated by thrust and pullback force and rotary pressure. Machine sizes range from small with a few thousands pounds of thrust and pullback to the largest with over a million pounds of pullback force. Rotation is measured in pressure. Our Ditch Witch machines are track or trailer mounted with a few smaller machines designed for use in pits.

Wyoming Boring Contractors Manufacturers | Vermeer

Wyoming Boring Contractors Manufacturers | Vermeer

Vermeer Directional Drilling Machines

Vermeer is manufacturer of iconic yellow iron seen on industrial jobsites and farm fields worldwide.

The following are some of the Vermeer Directional Drill Thrust/Pullback Torque Specs

Vermeer 36 x 50 2 36,000 lbs (160 kN) 4,995 ft-lb (6,772 Nm)

Vermeer 36 x 50 DR 3 38,000 lbs (169 kN) 6,000 ft-lb (8,135 Nm)

Vermeer 60 x 90 2 60,000 lbs (267 kN) 9,000 ft-lb (12,202 Nm)

Vermeer 100 x 140 2 100,000 lbs (445 kN) 14,000 ft-lb (18,982 Nm)

Universal 250 x 400 1 250,000 lbs (1,112 kN) 40,000 ft-lb (54,237 Nm)

Vermeer 330 x 500 1 330,000 lbs. 50,000 ft-lb (67,791 Nm)

Vermeer 500 x 500 1 500,000 lbs (2,224 kN) 50,000 ft-lb (67,791 Nm)

Wyoming Boring Contractors Manufacturers | American Augers

Wyoming Boring Contractors Manufacturers | American Augers

American Augers builds the largest category of horizontal directional drills in the industry and also manufacturers a full range of auger boring machines all in the USA.

Sample American Auger Thrust/Pullback Torque

American Augers 440T 1 440,000 lbs (1,957 kN) 60,000 ft-lb (81,349 Nm)

American Augers Trencors division also manufacturers trenchers. Trencors large-scale trenchers are utilized in the pipeline industry. Trencor is the longest lasting underground equipment line in the world. According to Trencor, many active machines in the field today have logged more than 40,000 hours.

Wyoming Boring Contractors Manufacturers | Barbco

Wyoming Boring Contractors Manufacturers | Barbco

Barbco is an international manufacturer of auger boring machines, directional drills and advanced tunneling equipment.

Barbco also creates custom drilling and tunneling equipment to fit specific project needs.

Barbco's 36-500 auger boring machine can produce up to 70,000 feet per pounds of torque.